“Now There’s Only Me… And The Lonely…”

If there was one singer who embodied the emotions and spirits of Amelia, that would have to be Christina Perri. From Run, which is featured on the LILITH REBORN playlist, to The Lonely, which I may be forced to bring it on ad interim. The second novel in the series is so much darker than the first, and as much as I would have liked to have it out last summer, things didn’t pan out that way for me.

What I can tell you is that I’m steadily plugging away at it even though I’m working and returning to college to finish my degree in [ONE OF THE FOLLOWING HEADACHES: BIOMEDICAL/BIOCHEMISTRY/IMMUNOLOGY/MOLECULAR GENETICS].Christina-Perri.jpg

Plus I have a family. I’m trying to draw the racing train to a halt as 2016 marches on forward. I am also active in this year’s political campaign.

So what can I tell you about LILITH REBORN?

Well for those who have been following along, THE GENESIS TRILOGY has been given new titles with new covers but I promise you it’s the same novels. For some people that may be good or bad. I’ve already written these novels. They aren’t changing after going through the full publishing route.

So for someone who loves esoteric, mythological, and metaphysical fields of study, why did I rename the novels? As someone previously stated, “it gives me an idea of the mythology you’re writing about.”

Although I must confess, how Eden, Paradise, or Revelations could possibly confuse anyone, I have no idea. But I’ll work with it.

ffpcover578So I’m a big fan of environmental, theme-based covers.

I won’t lie. I love these covers.
Especially the EAST OF EDEN cover.

Unfortunately, these guys have some cons.

Like their downplay at small sizes. If you look at them enlarged or full screen, they are AWESOME…

There’s a lot of detail that went into these, but it’s not something that can be easily appreciated without having a lot be taken away from what’s there.

So on the new covers, I tried to present more white space. EOECOV

I also came up with new TITLES. Now cons here…. THE TITLES ARE MAJOR SPOILERS…

But at least these get the point across. Female oriented, swords in hand, magick and alchemy.

And if you don’t know who EVE, LILITH, or what a GODDESS is…. I really cannot help you. I am sorry.

So without further adieu, the new covers for THE GENESIS TRILOGY!


I AM EVE This is the new cover for I AM EVE, formally FALL FROM PARADISE. 


This is the new cover for LILITH REBORN, formally EAST OF EDEN. Hopefully to be released by the end of the year. *fingers crossed*


This is the new cover for the final novel of THE GENESIS TRILOGY, GODDESS UNCHAINED, and it’s planning had it previously slated as simply REVELATIONS, continuing on from the original theme.

But since I’m still fighting off a bronchial infection, here’s a little Christina Perri to hit the spot for you guys.

See you guys soon. Promise.