I’ll Bring The Alcohol: Camping In The Interwebs: CAMP NaNoWriMo 2015!

Camp-Participant-2015-Web-Banner nano2So, Social Media is a living, breathing entity. If you haven’t gathered that by now, then you’re missing out on the huge group consciousness that is out there. And since I naturally tend to be an introvert, I can often miss out on those great things. This is one of those things. I knew that NaNoWriMo existed in November every year, but I had no idea about CAMP!

For anyone who doesn’t know what NaNoWriMo is, I’ll give a simple explanation. It is a group project/non-profit/consciousness that eggs writers into holding themselves accountable by banging out a (typically) ENORMOUS wordcount in, wait for it, ONE MONTH! You can win awards, which seeing as how I’ve never been able to employ such methods of productivity, I do not know what they are. But NaNoWriMo is a BIG DEAL.

November’s accountability is in the way of a 50,000 word minimum. At CampNaNoWriMo, apparently you choose the word limit. It can be 10. 10,000. Or 10,000,000. The only limit is 0.

So I got this idea from the guys over at LIVE TO WRITE – WRITE TO LIVE, and I’ve set myself up an account, signed up the EoE project, and am awaiting bunk assignments.

Now, coincidentally as it would seem, my toddler who is OBSESwpid-20150610_091049.jpgSED with selfies *facepalm* is going on vacation. (I mean really, where did he get it from?! My husband and I are completely lost. My cute-boy likes to use the RAPID SHUTTER OPTION. I don’t even know where that is.)

36 pictures of his forehead later…. anyways… I digress. Unlike those with school age children, I cannot send my handsome baby boy away to camp. He’s 2, which means with my parents on vacation, he’s headed up there for the holiday to do all the great fantabulous things a 2 year old can do.

And in the meantime, I get 60+ uninterrupted work hours *knocks on wood now* that I can use to pivot CAMP NANOWRIMO. As Diane was saying in her post, we have 31 days in July. Many of us have outside responsibilities and are not able to dedicate an entire day and night’s worth of our time to writing. If that were the case, we’d probably all be better off and/or rich by now.

So, in addition to other things that I would like to get done (spring cleaning and the like), I’m going to do what I can to move this project along. I have until September to get this done. I don’t care if it’s the beginning, mid, or end, but I’m running out of time.

All the advice that authors and publishing professionals give you is all factual. You have to treat writing like a business, otherwise you will never succeed at it professionally. I have created my publishing/marketing/event binder using different printables from Pinterest and the interwebs.

I’m going to touch on this in more detail in another post at some point, but I’ll give you a general idea for now about the binder.

wpid-wp-1435256142703.jpgTHE AUTHOR BINDER

  • CALENDAR – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.

Include what you want and leave out what you don’t. I use a combination of hourly, daily, monthly and yearly.

  • PUBLISHING – Checklists out the yin-yang for pre-publication. Pre-release. Pre-launch. Post-launch. Pre-editor. Author platform and marketing checklists.

Whatever you could possibly think you would need a checklist for during publication, it’s here.

PROJECTS – Since this is a yearly binder, I am only including projects that I am planning on tackling in any fashion during the 2015 year.

This limits me to EAST OF EDEN and BURNING EDEN (2 different books from 2 different series – completely unrelated. It happens when you write mythology/theology).

EXPENSES/BILLS/INCOME – Websites. Marketing. Editors. Cover designers. Ebook formatters. Paperback formatters. Agents. Domains. Amazon. Barnes & Nobles. Smashwords. Kobo. Apple. Swag expenses. Banners. Posters. Keychains. Paperback and hardback novel copies (for events, giveaways, local bookstores, libraries, friends, postmasters, anyone in the world), etc.

Balance it like a checkbook. Make a list. Do whatever that makes it your own. Let’s hope there’s less red than whatever other color you choose.

BLOG – Blog titles, blog articles, blog research. Blog statistics.

Whatever you want to go in here can. Just keep it organized. Some printables have checklists for social media, others have sections and boxes all over them for just about anything. Keep an eye out for what you’re after, and worst case scenario, if you can’t find it free, you can always head over to Etsy and buy some fantastic ones. Problem is, they’re not free.

CONFERENCES/CONVENTIONS/EVENTS – Conference registrations, convention registrations. Day planners. Workshops. Panels. Cons that you are flying to, driving to, walking to. Hotel receipts. Airline itineraries.

Just keep it in one section and make you sure you always check your dates. A lot of events have time-sensitive registrations that allow you extra perks. I’ve made a list of 4-5 conferences/conventions that I am going to actively seek registration/a table at, and another handful of ones that I am planning on attending in a few years from now when I have myself firmly established in the industry.

MORE SECTIONS TO COME – I’m going to be adding a few more sections, but I’m just getting started. It’s something else that I want to get organized. I’m sure, though, it will be a WIP like everything else in a writer’s life.

Any for anyone who is interested in attending, you can be added to other people’s cabins, be on your own, or meet new writing folk! I’ll bring the alcohol if you bring the smores. Lots of them. And maybe Poptarts. Or Poptart Smores. Let’s go with that. Yeah, 3 boxes.

~ See you there!



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