I remember:
The wishes on dandelions,
The sun on my skin,
The way the cool, spring air danced around me.

I remember:
The stars looking down,
The feel of the grass at my back,
The silence of the calm night.

I remember:
The way the sand feels beneath my toes,
The way the ocean tide foams around me,
The smell of the salt and the sun.

I remember:
The sound of crackling embers
Dancing on a midnight fire,
The trails of smoke floating toward Heaven.

I remember many things.
Each of them tethered to a moment in time.
The link to my past as I embrace my future,
And embrace the small hand looking to me for guidance.
It’s a new journey that I am undertaking,
As a mother and a child of this earth.

I hear the way She exhales
In the singing of the birds in the trees.
I feel the way She comforts us
In the way the sun warms our skin.
I see the way She shows us
The love we have to receive,
When my son lifts a feather
From the ground and gives me
The present he’s chosen.
A present of the most important kind:
One from the thing I love most.

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