It’s been a long time since I’ve written poetry so you’ll have to excuse me.

Here goes.


My back feels stuff, concrete and unmoving
But even still, I see all.

I feel the wind rushing past me, whispering its call
For me to give chase.
It skips sweetly past my limbs
And down my feet where I find myself
Rooted deeply into the earth.
But even still, I feel all.

I quiver in delight, in fear,
And the world quakes beneath me.
All the emotions in the universe
Burst forth from my fingertips in a
Showering display of glory and color.
But even still, I touch all.

I sleep in the brisk silence, in the cool, crisp of the stormy night.
My children gather round, waiting, saying nothing
Ever vigilant of my wisdom.
Because even still, I know all.

They realize that I am unending,
And that when I turn to ash and
Dust beneath their feet,
They will be dauntless in their cares
Because even still, I AM ALL.

I AM THE WORLD TREE, the axis-mundi itself.
To my children scattered far and wide
And I am okay with that
Because even still, I LOVE ALL.

One thought on “I AM STILLNESS

  1. Lisette Defoe says:

    Hello… Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found something that blessed you. I will be sharing soon on some more dreams, visions and things I sense the Lord speak to me in quiet times. You also keep up this great work! 🙂 have a great day!

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