Owning Your Personal Power. Change Your Life.

Since I cover a variety of topics on this blog ranging from writing to religion, I wanted to touch base on something else for a moment and talk about personal power and the positive affirmations that stem from it.

Everyone knows that in order to keep your life pure, you have to keep your thoughts and words clear. A notion proven by my favorite author #ElizabethHaydon. Her lead character Rhapsody is a Namer, a singer who has the ability to transform space and time itself through the process of “Naming.” Through a series of notes she then sings, she can change matter, heal, kill, and more. A sweeping series that has become the bedrock of my identity as a writer (her and #NeilGaiman), Elizabeth Haydon touches very specifically upon the concept of Universal Truth.

Much to the dismay of some and the delight of others, we do create our own realities. We cause our own illnesses, we break our own hearts, and we, collectively as a race, cause war.

Now, you may naturally or should I say unnaturally argue this point. Immediately and without fail. But what many people fail to recognize is that it is extremely difficult to train yourself— to recognize and understand that these thoughts come from our “Ego” selves. That concept, in itself, is its own course of study and can widely be researched upon.

What I want to focus on is THE POWER OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL WILL.

Positive affirmations. What they are for anyone who has any heard of them, are simple statements that may or may not be “true” at the current time that you want to become reality.

Now, some statements such as, “I am a good person,” or, “I deserve to be loved,” are in fact true, but it is the person who needs to believe it. Others such as “I  am physically fit,”  or, “I am truly happy,” may or may not have come to pass within our current reality, and that is where POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS come into play. Similarly to the power of collective prayer.

Everywhere you look nowadays, there are 30 day challenges. Water challenges. Ab challenges. The list goes on and on, but what we really need to do is take THE POSITIVE AFFIRMATION CHALLENGE.

Make a list of 5 things that you want for yourself, your family, and/or the world. Sit down for as long as it takes and start making a list for yourself. Then simplify the statement. Remember that what you say, what you think, becomes reality, so keep your thoughts clear and your words clearer.

For example I’ll give you my list. Remember always in accordance with your highest selves AND YOUR DREAMS – so don’t laugh. Feel confident!

And then repeat it every day, every morning, and don’t let any stray thoughts or actions dissuade your progress.

Then come back in 30 days and notice the changes around you. At first, it might be small things like a coupon or a free bag of fresh produce from a coworker who gardens, but then like a snowball, it will grow with the momentum you put out into the universe. Always remember that your wants show you your true character so choose your affirmations carefully.

1) My family and I are perfectly happy, healthy, and safe.

2) I am a world famous author who works have brought happiness to millions.

3) Kyle and I own the house of our dreams that is completely paid for.

4) All of our financial troubles are behind us, never to be heard from again.

5) Our parents are completely happy, healthy, and safe.

6) Kyle and I have been through our share of troubles, but we are stronger and closer than ever before.

7) I make my living as a full time writer and am able to spend as much free time as I want with our healthy, happy son Rhys.

8) My husband Kyle has found his mission in life and actively spends everyday accomplishing it.

And that’s it! I didn’t even need 10 but did need more than 5. Remember it’s nobody’s business but your own.

Write it down. Say it aloud. Repeat.

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