What is this thing called The Hall Of Records anyways? Pt. 1

Anybody who reads my novels knows that something I touch base upon quite often is the Hall of Akashic Records. In the first novel of THE NINE WORLDS SAGA, BURNING EDEN, the H.A.R. (abbreviated for simplicity) is a cylindrical room where a large tome sits upon a pedestal and is guarded by a goddess. In my latest novel, FALL FROM PARADISE, the Hall of Akashic Records is an enormous library with white marble floors and dangling crystal barricades. In that novel, it is an actual library in Heaven rather than simply being an isolated portal between space and time.

What the Hall of Records actually is is a compilation of every living soul’s past, present, and future all documented in one place. It is the source from which all seers and many clairvoyants draw their abilities from.

Although my novels depict the H.A.R. as a beautiful library of immense power, it is said that this place is one that you can easily enter through focused meditation and practice. Seeing as how everyone is naturally clairvoyant by nature, there is nothing special to entering the Akashic realm. While there are some precognitive individuals who dedicate their professional careers to working in the Akashic Records, anyone can enter their own records at any given time.

Now, depending on your religion, this presents the theory of reincarnation very explicitly.  Looking into the Akashic Records can help a person overcome and address several things that have been previously plaguing their life: irrational fears, chronic pain, bad luck, lack of energy, nightmares, and many other intangible and tangible ailments and other karmic issues.

The word “akashic” comes from the Sanskrit word Akasha, meaning “sky”, “space”, or “aether.” To most, the Hall of Records is a vast realm in itself that we are connected to like strands of a spider-web. Not only are we tethered to our own past, present, and future selves, but also to the past, present, and future selves of all life on the planet Earth.

At some point, this raises questions in regards to those individuals reading the future and what one can do with such information. Although some writers wield fiction like it’s a weapon on the battlefield, there are many writers (like myself ideally) who prefer to keep as close to the facts as possible. Although those Akashic practitioners can look into other people’s records (with permission always!), should you procure a reading from someone rather than doing it yourself, remember that the future can always be changed. The Akashic Records are meant to provide insight and understanding, and connect us to our Higher Selves.

The information contained within provides us the opportunity to right the stressors and burdens that seem to evade our every humanistic attempt at logic based on our current incarnation. This place beyond space and time, that’s beyond our current incarnations, this place that has a birds-eye view – it’s also more commonly known as the Book of Life.


Next Week: The Entrance Prayer to The Hall Of Records & Basic Astral Travel

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